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Kazue Samayou Ref by Dark--Remorse Kazue Samayou Ref by Dark--Remorse
Dx Phone is broke. again. Work's been insane. Thus, hardly any internet.


Release Video;; Click Me~

Name;; Samayou Kazue, さまよう和恵
Age;; 12
Gender;; Male
Height;; 4' 8"
Weight;; --
Hair;; White
Eyes;; Right is an icy blue, while the left eye is a dark red.

Series;; N/A
Type;; Shotaloid
Birthday;; 9/27/11 - Utau birthday
Primary Colors;; White, black and red
Character Item;; Teru Teru Bozu
Related Utau;; Shuiro Akimitsu; Lover/guardian || Miharu(wip utau); childhood friend || Mamoru(wip utau/name); cousin
Voice Range;; B3-C5
Used with;; m4/resampler. Sounds best with the m4 engine. ALWAYS used with the flag, g-8.
Languages;; Mainly Japanese, has english capabilities.
VB Style;; CV
Aliases;; Hiragana and romaji

Extra;; Has full set of otos, as well. Though I can't say how well these were done, since I am still trying to get the hang of them, myself.

Points of Interest;;

:bulletred: His heterochromia, as pictured in the upper right-hand corner, is due to the spirit that possesses him. The spirit doesn't remember his name, thus the child nicknamed him 'Karue', for simplicity's sake. Karue can only take control if Kazue is unconscious, or extremely frightened. The ghost's main source of power is Kazue's left eye, the crimson one, as it is the only eye the spirit retained after death. When singing, Karue's voice is a combination of his own -deeper- voice, and Kazue's, synced together. Think something similar to Roboloids with a chorus-like effect.

:bulletred: His headphones are affixed with a small crown which has a detachable bow on it. Much like his design, the bow comes with a red rose centered on the button. The same can be found on the sides of his headphones.

:bulletred: Kazue wears white gloves that are fastened together with silver buttons.

:bulletred: Usually the child is spotted wearing a black choker with a soft, rose-shaped, pendant, as pictured to the right of his legs.

:bulletred: His character item, a teru teru bozu, represents both his childish nature and the turmoil between himself and the ghost, Karue. Since a teru teru bozu is said to cause two different things, depending on how it's placed, each half of the item, sunny and stormy, represent Kazue and Karue, respectfully. Thus, when right-side up, the teru teru bozu is reflecting Kazue. And, inverted, it reflects Karue.

Random facts;;

:bulletblue: Kazue is indeed a girl's name, thus it's meant to be a slight joke at the child for his 'feminine' voice. Samayou, which means roam, or drifting of a person, refers to his background story, in which he drifted from home to home.

:bulletblue: His original hair color was red, and his right eye was green. c: This was changed to avoid making him look entirely christmas-y, but can be viewed in my past pictures of him.

:bulletblue: Kazue has undergone three design changes before I settled on this one.

:bulletblue: The only canon pairing with Kazue is when he is paired with Akimitsu Shuiro, who belongs to :iconcrow-of-sorrow: As they were literally made for one another.

:bulletblue: As of this moment, he has one living relative. A distant, but protective, cousin.

:bulletblue: Kazue is somewhat gender-confused. Not to say that he doesn't realize he's a boy, he just doesn't understand what's right and wrong for boys to do and say. He loves dressing up in gothic lolita clothing, as well as anything feminine(including dresses and skirts) because of this.

:bulletblue: He often appears to talk to himself, when he is in fact talking to Karue. Karue speaks with a british accent. c:

:bulletblue: When Karue is in control of Kazue's body, their voice doesn't change unless he wants it to. He does, however, tend to either cover Kazue's blue eye, or keep it closed. Their personalities are also completely different, as is their mannerisms. Thus, it's often easy to tell them apart, no matter the situation.

:bulletblue: Karue's listed age of death is seventeen. He's also a homophobe, and absolutely hates the man that currently watches over his host body, Shuiro Akimitsu.

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ByeByeWonderland Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Aw so cute! Certainty my favorite Utau :3 I actually just finished using his voice. Very well done :D
Meyartattack Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
aaaaw how cute!! so adorable <3
Dark--Remorse Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2012
;u; :heart:
Thanks~ <333
Crow-of-Sorrow Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
;w; he really is adorable. like. lots and lots. <333
xD; even though i'm still trying to adjust to the new hair color.

<3 his accessories are cute, as well. especially the little rain-ghost thingie~ 8l i shall has make a reference sheet for akimitsu? even though it would fail in comparison to your epic-winful art? and. and. xDDD omg. karue has british accent? 8U that. is. awesome.

c: i'll stop spamming your comment page nao~
(;; miss talking to you.)
Dark--Remorse Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011
;w; he is fail, y/y? <333 even though I'm glad you think so~
xDD Silly~ ;w; so am I, strangely enough.

<3 yayness, then~ ;w; Figured he'd need a childish item, to suit him~ 8| yes. <333 please do~ 8| so I can has marvel at the epicness that is your skills. xDDD yes~ 8| he shall has one now, since it is quite amusing~ 8U isn't it, though?

;o; not spamming. -clings-
( ;; my phone needs to be fixed nao. )
Crow-of-Sorrow Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
8l woman, stop saying the exact opposite. for. he is adorable and does not fail. AT ALL. <333 yay for being glad?
xD but. you're the one who decided to switch it? -coughchangeitbackcough- c:

<3 yus~ ;w; it really does suit him, especially since he has a ghost possessing his body somewhat. 8U you mean, marvel at how much FAIL would be present? ;w; i'm working on it right now, along with a laboratory essay. 8l it is quite amusing. 'cause the british sound strange.

;n; am too, silly.
( ;; fix it immediately pls. )
AM-Radio-Funk Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
i want him, I want him for chirstmas
give him to meeee
Dark--Remorse Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011
8U you mean, look at the fail? D8 but. but. but. xD for some reason, I doubt that's legal. -brick'd-

D8 I can't. -flails-
AM-Radio-Funk Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2011  Hobbyist Artist
Shush there is no fail at all here, I see only win

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